ISACA Pune Chapter


Dear Friends.
We welcome you to ISACA Pune Chapter Website. ISACA Pune is a part of ISACA HQ and contributes to the core purpose of ‘Help you realize the positive potential of technology’. We at ISACA provide meaningful certifications and knowledge in this direction. Think of an organization implementing an IT initiative for its core business solutions what technology challenges it can face like Risk Management, Information Security Management, Assurance, Governance and Cyber Security. ISACA provides end to end to solutions through its certifications by empowering its constituents help realize the positive potential of technology. ISACA’s certifications not only enhance individuals careers but enhance Corporate IT to achieve the objectives using frameworks, standards, publications, papers, articles, etc. ISACA Pune Chapter forwards the objectives by organizing Course Review classes, lecture meetings, workshops, seminars, conferences, members meet, etc. We regularly undertake knowledge and value driven initiatives which enhance individual and corporate objectives. Member value creation drives our ideas and energy in organizing various initiatives. It’s members support and encouragement which helps coming up with future programs, workshops, lecture meetings, conferences, etc. We request your continuous support in our future endeavour to help you realize the positive potential of energy.

Again I welcome you to ISACA family.

Mr. Sanjiv Kumar Agarwala